Our mission is to help our clients organize, grow, and keep more of the money they make, as they scale their businesses.


Our vision is to empower and uplift 1,000 minority business owners, guiding them on the path to becoming accredited investors, unlocking new opportunities for financial growth, and enabling them to shape the future of their diverse communities.


At EFS Group, our core values are in a T.I.E. 

Our Team, Integrity, and Excellence are what we value most and shape who we are.


  • Adopt a team-first mentality
  • Everyone plays their part in our success
  • Clear and thoughtful communication across the board


  • Honesty in all of our dealings (internally and externally)
  • Demonstrating trustworthiness at all costs; at every level
  • Holding up the strong moral and ethical code our profession requires


  • Going above and beyond in service to the work we do
  • Discomfort with the status quo
  • High standards with reasonable expectations