EFS Group, PLLC exists to:

  • Assist small business owners in effectively managing their cash flow.
  • Address the market need for business owners to gain deeper financial insights crucial for their growth.
  • Provide Accounting and business advisory from a Black and Brown perspective.
  • Cater to the unique needs of historically marginalized groups as they build their businesses.
  • Offer a supportive work environment where skilled CPAs, bookkeepers, and finance professionals of color can leverage their expertise to effect tangible change in our clients’ lives, an opportunity not always available in corporate America.

As an employer,
we stand out because:

  • We provide avenues for professionals on unconventional career trajectories to make meaningful contributions in this field.
  • We offer competitive compensation packages and benefits.
  • We prioritize the success and advancement of our team members.

As a company, what sets us apart from our competitors is:

  • We ensure our clients see tangible results from their business efforts.
  • We’ve established ourselves as a reliable firm deeply invested in our clients’ success.
  • We operate with a commitment to excellence and integrity across all aspects of our business.
  • We demonstrate genuine concern for our clients’ financial well-being and long-term success.
  • We go the extra mile to help our clients meet their goals.
  • We proactively stay abreast of industry trends, providing insightful advice, and adeptly addressing challenges as they arise.