Don't Take Our Word For It...

A HUGE THANK YOU to EFS GROUP for helping me get my accounting,
bookkeeping, and taxes back on track!
I'm being audited by the IRS (being audited isn't always a bad thing ). It wasn't
until then, I found out some funny business was going on. The IRS Auditor pulled
out a report on how much my company made and how MUCH I SHOULD HAVE
BROUGHT HOME! Hundreds of thousands of dollars! I didn't have ANY OF IT!
I was floored, I was embarrassed, I was hurt. Long story short, I got with EFS and
they gave me the run down on where my money was going and where is shouldn't
be going. They watch my money with an Eagle Eye and because of that, I'm starting
to see MY MONEY!
I can't thank them enough! My Million Dollar Business was being run with no
financial direction!
No matter how BIG or SMALL, you need someone you can TRUST watching your
business's finances! I found that in EFS Group!

Arnita Johnson
AMB Credit Consultants

If you are looking for a company to manage your business or personal affairs check
out EFS GROUP LLC! Very knowledgeable and they work tirelessly to make sure
your accounts are in tip top shape. They're so dedicated to their craft that there have
been many nights they were working on my business taxes close to midnight!

Dr. Uche Chibueze
Houston C.O.P.E.S.

I was referred to Ephraim 3 years ago and I am thankful I went with EFS Group. Ephraim and his group are very thorough and professional. If you’re looking for monthly bookkeeping or your yearly taxes to be done give EFS Group a call you’ll be glad you did!

Randi Houston
Aide In Aid

Ephraim Egbele and his team have been doing our business taxes and book keeping for about 5 years now. The group have been very diligent in not only understanding our business but also finding ways to save us money, which in turn has brought immense growth to our business. I don't where my business would be without EFS trustworthy and professional services.

Uzo Mokolo
Kuteyi Mokolo Attorneys At Law

Daniel Carter

My company hired EFS a few months ago. In the beginning there was a transition period where they had to get all of our info. Although this was very stressfull to me, they were extremely patient with us and made me feel comfortable. It's reassuring knowing that I can pick up the phone or email anytime I have a question or concern. Professional and HIGHLY recommended!! Thanks EFS.

Daniel Carter
Carter’s Barber


I guarantee you will be in great hands with the EFS Group.

Billyssia Pierce
Bee Fit Foods

Alex Anzaldua

I have been using this company over three years for both my personal and business taxes. They are very professional and know what they are doing. Great company you can trust. I highly recommend them.

Alex Anzaldua
Your Choice Provider Services

Benjamin Cruz

If anyone needs help with their tax return we would highly recommend Ephraim. He is THE BEST and has done our taxes for a few years now.

Benjamin Cruz
BNG Resources


If you are looking for someone who you can trust and truly cares about your financial goals you are in the right place. I have never experienced this level of customer service or professionalism regarding my business ever! Not only is this team knowledgeable and trustworthy they actually go the extra mile to make sure you stay on track. I can’t imagine my business without them.

Nichole Sanford
Nichole Lynel